Boeing Boeing


Hartford Stage

directed by Maxwell Williams

lighting  by Traci Klainer Polimeni

costumes by Thomas Charles LeGalley

sound by Fitz Patton


"Mr. Williams, the theater's resident director, delivers the comedy in broad physical strokes, aided by a deft cast and canny designers.  David M. Barber has set Bernard's stylish living room, with all its requisite doors, in a proscenium arch of stacked airliner windows; there's even a flashing "fasten your seatbelt" sign. And the interchangeable portraits of the three stewardesses have been enlarged - a brilliant touch..."

-  Sylvaine Gold (New York Times)


"The production is greatly helped by the first-class design:  David M. Barber's swank set..."

-  Frank Rizzo (The Hartford Courant)