byhalia, mississippi

by Evan Linder


Contemporary American Theater Festival 

directed by Marc Masterson

lighting by D. M. Wood

costumes by Trevor Bowen

sound by Miles Polaski

"David M. Barber continues his run as a designer of amazingly detailed sets, with the two-bedroom house on a concrete pad that Jim and Laurel call home."

- Jack L. B. Gohn (Broadway World)

"Set Designer David M. Barber’s wonderful panoramic set with sky, telephone pole, and rustic interior captures the world’s absence of material comfort, as well as its absence of natural beauty."

- Robert Michael Oliver (D.C. Metro Theater Arts)

"Linder animates the text with purpose. Everything the characters say and do is significant. Even the set (which David M. Barber designed) is fraught with meaning.

- Tim Treanor (D.C. Theatre Scene)