by Chelsea Marcantel


Contemporary American Theater Festival 

directed by Ed Herendeen

lighting by D. M. Wood

costumes by Therese Bruck

sound by Miles Polaski

"And how and why they decline to give him what he wants is one of the disarming cruxes of the play, skillfully staged by Herendeen and handsomely embellished by David M. Barber’s sets and Therese Bruck’s costumes."

- Peter Marks (The Washington Post)

"It is a commonplace that when a reviewer credits the set design, he is damning the rest of the production with faint praise. But this production is terrific, and David M. Barber’s set is out of this world. The main stage is the family’s kitchen, which, when appropriate, opens up into the wide world and the sky. On each side of the kitchen there are dirt paths which lead to the rest of the farm; in front, there is a pile of rich soil, which the characters dig and till. Barber has thus invoked the world of the play within the confines of the Frank stage, magnificently."

- Tim Treanor (D.C. Theatre Scene)