THE taming of the shrew


Denver Center Theatre Company

directed by Kent Thompson

lighting by Tom Sturge

costumes by Susan Branch Towne

sound by Craig Breitenbach


"What was fascinating about the set created by David M. Barber for the Denver Center Theatre Company's production of The Taming of the Shrew, which was set in 1950's America, was how it melded broad and cartoony elements with others that were subtle and aesthetically pleasing.  There was a big map at the back of the stage that tracked the characters' wanderings around the country in lines of light, as well as a number of '50's-style ads for Shakespeare-referencing products hanging at the sides; a car called a Dromio, Viola's Kiss makeup.  Petruchio's home was funky, dull-colored and rustic, but Baptista's restaurant was so elegant, the colors melting into each other in shades of pink, silver and purple, that you found yourself wondering what was on the menu and if they'd let you sneak in for a bite."

- announcement of Westword's "Best of Denver" awards

"The set by designer David M. Barber is mod-chic, filled with vibrant pastel colors - very 1950's art deco...The billboards surrounding the stage with vintage advertisements are a brilliant touch, depicting the patriarchal "taming" of the 1950's housewife and detailing the subservient traits that make her 'extra special' for her man"

-  Michael Mulhern (Broadway World)


Featured in Lighting and Sound America March 2012 Volume 9, Issue 3

"Shakespeare with Marinara and BBQ: David M. Barber Designs The Taming of the Shrew" by David Barbour