by Bruce Graham


Contemporary American Theater Festival 

directed by Ed Herendeen

lighting  by D. M. Wood

costumes by Therese Bruck

sound by David Remedios


"Also worthy of superlatives is the set by David M. Barber.  I can't say I've seen another play set in a working garage, but if I had, I bet I'd have found this one more convincing, incorporating a complete slightly derelict-looking automobile.  There are plays that just work better with a hyper-realistic set, and this is one of them.  I think, in the past couple of years, I've only seen one set to equal it, John Lee Beatty's creation for The City of Conversation at the Lincoln Center, doubtless realized with a far greater budget."

- Jack L. B. Gohn (Broadway World)

"As strange as it may seem I'm inclined to start my review with the stunningly realistic set created by David M. Barber; this may look like talking about the furniture at a dinner party, but in this case Barber and his hard working stage crew deserve a huge shout-out for what they have accomplished. Grime, soot, fridge magnets and family photos, a genuine four-door sedan, a free-standing tool cabinet, spare van seats, you name it - whatever you've noticed out of the corner of your eye when your car was at the shop, it's all there."

-  Andrew White (MD Theatre Guide)