Contemporary American Theater Festival

directed by May Adrales

lighting by D.M. Wood

costumes by Peggy McKowen

sound and original composition by Nathan Roberts

projections by Hannah Marsh 


"David M. Barber designed the visually stunning sets for this 'other' world..."

- Michael Oliver (DC Metro Theater Arts)

"It is no accident that the ceremony comes first; it gives us a chance to take in the resplendence of the scene. The costumes, the makeup, the music and sound effects, and especially the scenery are magnificent..."

- Jack L.B. Gohn (Broadway World- Baltimore)

"The set, designed by David M. Barber, is equally stunning with mega walls in hues of aqua and gold and bold, sleek designs for the futuristic furniture in the bedrooms."

- Johnna Leary (Broadway World- West Virginia)